AI Blockchain Data Analysis Platform

Returns the value of user data to the users, thereby generating profits

Dinvest scours the blockchain for profitable and valuable information that has not been widely disseminated or discovered, aiding investors globally in making more informed investment choices through crypto data mining. It conducts extensive data bifurcation analysis daily.

Data Analysis Segments Provided by Dinvest:

l Token Liquidity Analysis

l DeFi Analysis

l NFT Analysis

l Funds Flow Charts

l Historical Transaction Analysis

l Whale Activity Tracking

Multiple On-Chain Data Analyses:

l Exchange Data

l Address Behavior Analysis and Crawling Technology

l Social Media Analysis

l News and Media Monitoring

What Problems Does Dinvest Solve in the Blockchain world?

Transparency and Visibility:

- In the realm of cryptocurrency, fund movements and transactions often lack transparency. Dinvest enhances market visibility by tagging active wallets and providing detailed transactional analysis.

Market Trend Analysis:

- Dinvest aids users in tracking and predicting market trends through its thorough analysis of DeFi and NFT markets, allowing for more informed investment decisions.

Whale Activity Monitoring:

- Users can gain valuable market insights by monitoring the transaction activities and strategies of tagged whales and influential wallets.

Token Liquidity Analysis:

- Understanding where and how a token circulates can help users evaluate the health and potential risks of the token.

Risk Assessment:

- By analyzing project fund flows, user activity, and other key indicators, Dinvest helps users assess potential risks associated with investing in a project.

NFT Market Insights:

- Dinvest provides data on NFT sales and liquidity, aiding users in better understanding the conditions and values of the NFT market.

Behavioral Analysis and Crawling Technology

On-Chain Data Analysis:

- Observations can be made through public blockchain data, such as capital flows, large transactions, and growth in addresses. This data can sometimes be used to infer major investment trends or potential market behaviors.

Social Media Analysis:

- Dinvest uses crawling technology on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and other social media platforms to capture and analyze sentiments and discussion trends, which can provide a general attitude of the market.

News and Media Monitoring:

- Dinvest offers monitoring of mainstream cryptocurrency news websites and blogs that frequently publish news and articles that influence market sentiment.

DeFi Analysis Tools:

- For behaviors in the DeFi space, Dinvest can provide detailed information about various protocols’ liquidity, borrowing, lending, and other relevant indicators.

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