MISSION to build a better WEB3 World

The Future of AIBOT - Aligning with platform users and creating billions in traffic value for user

Our research extends to create profit opportunities in the WEB3 sphere, with a focus on addressing scalability, reducing transaction costs, and increasing speed. with a mission to empower the blockchain ecosystem by facilitating asset and user flow between WEB2 and WEB3.

The Ultimate GOAL

[1] Secure Roll Up

SecureRoll is an innovative scaling product based on zk-Rollup technology that combines privacy, efficiency, and ease of use to provide enterprises and ordinary users with a secure and efficient on-chain transaction experience.

How It Helps Businesses

Low Transaction Costs:

- By optimizing computations and batching transactions, the costs for businesses to operate are significantly reduced.

High Throughput:

- Supports high-frequency transactions, enabling businesses to execute a large number of transactions quickly, suitable for high concurrent business needs.

Privacy Protection:

- Leveraging zk-Rollup technology, business transaction details are protected, revealing only the results, ensuring sensitive information of enterprises is not leaked.

How It Helps Ordinary Users

Secure and Reliable:

- Ensures the safety of user funds through multiple encryption technologies.

- Uses verifiable computations to ensure the correctness of transactions.

Fast Transaction Confirmation:

- Reduces network congestion, allowing user transactions to be confirmed quickly.

Economical and Efficient:

- Low transaction costs make micro-transactions possible.

Value Proposition

Bringing Greater Scalability to the Crypto Space:

- Solves congestion issues of Ethereum and other public chains, promoting more projects and users to join.

Providing Privacy Protection for Users and Enterprises:

- The privacy features of zk-Rollup protect the transaction details of users, allowing enterprises and users to operate in a secure environment.

Continuous Innovation:

- The SecureRoll team will continuously keep up with the latest industry technologies to ensure that the product remains at the forefront of the industry.

Future Development Potential

Cross-chain Interaction:

- zk-Rollup technology has the potential to enable cross-chain transactions, connecting different blockchain platforms.

Smart Contract Optimization:

- Further optimization of smart contract operations to enable more complex applications on SecureRoll.

Integration of More Privacy Technologies:

- In addition to zk-Rollup, integrating more privacy protection technologies like zk-SNARKs, zk-STARKs, etc.


- Driving continuous innovation and perfection of SecureRoll through an open-source and community-driven approach.

Rollup's Interoperability with SocialFi + BBOT

Reduced Transaction Fees:

- Rollup reduces the cost per transaction by "rolling" multiple transactions into one.

Suitable for High-frequency Transactions:

- Rollup technology is particularly suitable for applications like BBOT that need to process a large volume of transactions as it can batch process transactions.

Faster Processing Speed:

- Rollup allows for quicker confirmation of transactions.

Optimization for Small Transactions:

- Rollup offers significant cost and speed advantages for tools like BBOT, which often conduct small or high-frequency transactions.

[2] Relay Realm

With the increasing diversity of public blockchains, the need for data and asset exchange between different chains has grown. However, due to varying consensus mechanisms and technical architectures, interactions between public blockchains are complex and inefficient. On the other hand, integrating Real World Assets (RWA) with blockchain technology is a significant issue as blockchain continues to merge with traditional finance.

Overview of Relay Station (RelayRealm) and Relay Chain (RelayNet)

RelayRealm: The Relay Station


- Provides a centralized platform to process transactions from different blockchains and execute cross-chain transactions through RelayNet.


- Built on an efficient and secure cloud computing platform to ensure immediate transaction processing.


- Incorporates the latest cryptographic technology to safeguard user data and assets.

RelayNet: The Relay Chain


- Serves as a communication bridge between major blockchains and the RelayRealm station.


- High Scalability: Can link with multiple blockchains to meet various cross-chain needs.

- High Efficiency: Achieves fast transaction confirmation through an optimized consensus mechanism.

Generating Mechanism & Profits

Cross-Chain and Transaction Fees:

- Each cross-chain transaction and Web2 expenditure incurs a fee.


- Forming partnerships with major blockchains and real-world asset management companies to increase transaction flow and, thereby, revenue.

Cutting-edge Technology:

- We offer a unique market proposition by combining cross-chain technology with real-world asset management.

Broad Market Demand:

- There is a demand from businesses and investors to connect blockchain with the real world, which we fulfill.

Stable Revenue Model:

- A multilayered fee structure ensures steady company revenue.

Solving the Challenge of Transitioning from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0


- RelayNet, as a cross-chain solution, facilitates easy interactions for Web 2.0 enterprises with multiple Web 3.0 blockchains, eliminating the need for separate interfaces for each blockchain.

Simplifying Cross-Chain Transactions:

- Enterprises can easily perform cross-chain transactions through RelayNet, allowing them to migrate assets and data from one chain to another without complex procedures.

The Synergistic Function of RelayNet and RelayRealm:

Centralized Cross-Chain Platform:

- RelayRealm provides enterprises with a centralized transaction processing hub that consolidates transactions from various blockchains, executed through RelayNet to enable cross-chain functionalities, sparing Web 2.0 businesses from building and maintaining complex cross-chain systems themselves.

Security and Compliance:

- RelayRealm and RelayNet, together with the latest encryption technologies and compliance policies, offer a secure Web 3.0 transition solution for Web 2.0 enterprises.


DINVEST will evolve to meet future needs by incorporating advancements in AI, addressing the challenges of blockchain technology, and adapting to the changing landscape of industries it serves. Here’s a potential roadmap for such evolution:

Integrated Cross-Chain Analysis:

Future platforms will likely offer advanced cross-chain analysis capabilities to track and understand the flow of assets across different blockchains, leveraging AI to normalize and interpret disparate data types. Predictive Maintenance and Fraud Detection:

AI systems will be able to predictively analyze patterns to identify potential system failures or fraudulent activity before they occur, enhancing proactive measures against security risks.

Quantum-Resistant Security:

With the advent of quantum computing, blockchain analytics platforms will need to evolve to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by quantum computers and suggest upgrades to quantum-resistant algorithms.

Sophisticated Social Sentiment Analysis:

AI will delve deeper into social sentiment analysis, not just scraping surface-level data but understanding context, sarcasm, and deep fake news, which can significantly affect market dynamics.

Integration with IoT and Edge Computing:

As IoT devices become more prevalent, AI blockchain analytics will need to handle data from the edge of the network, ensuring secure and efficient processing.

Automated Trading:

AI algorithms can conduct automated trading with high efficiency, making decisions based on algorithmic interpretation of market data, potentially outperforming human-operated trades in speed and emotionless precision.

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