The WEB3 Ultra Social-Fi Application (Social to Earn)

A New Frontier in Cryptography: The WEB3 Era

Developed by AIBOT, our ultra SocialFi represents the evolution of "Encrypted Social + DeFi," a groundbreaking approach that combines social finance in a creative way, ensuring absolute control over one's social data based on the foundation infrastructure of Web 3.0. This innovative integration of finance and intelligence sets the stage for new business models and product categories in the global digital economy wave.

What are the Key Components of SocialFi?

Content: Investment Sharing

Social Interaction: Group Investing, Financial Social Networking

Ecosystems: DeFi's Core Economic System

Decentralized: Organizational Structure

1] LINX Social Application “Encrypted Social

Advantages of Encrypted Chat:

l No KYC verification required

l No VPN required for download

l No restrictions on sensitive words

l Compliance with web3 application scenarios, ensuring user accounts are never blocked

l Voice, text, file transfer, and conference rooms

Ultra Features:

GPT+ Intelligent Chatting Tool:

Relying on the learning of big data, GPT+ can harness AI's big data capabilities to gather the highest quality and latest information for users in milliseconds. User behavior data within the platform will also be learned by AI to more accurately understand the needs of each user.

Social Mining:

User behaviour data and interests will able to exchanged for AIB Token through user points.

WEB3 Browser:

The platform's applications directly dock with AIBOT DEFI DAPP and several future DAPP Developments

2] LINX Social Application “DEFI Decentralized Finance

BBOT Protocol Trading Machine:

Your ultimate trading companion that allows you to execute transactions simply through chat. Relying on DINVEST AI's big data analysis, the BBOT has already filtered the top three high-quality derivatives from a multitude of liquidity derivatives for traders. By giving order through chat trading execution will complete instantly.

Multi-Asset Encrypted Wallet:

Asset storage, sending digital token as gift, and receiving airdrops.

Get all ultra features in one SocialFi Tools - LINX

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